Friday, 30 April 2010

Future Laptop.

What does a laptop of the future need to have and be able to make in order to be a revolutionary product? First of all it has to be ecology friendly and more power saving device. LG Electronics has created a laptop that you can really call the laptop of the future. Why?

Fist of all: the power saving features. This gadget laptop's display uses OLED panels. Organic Light – Emitting Diodes are more power safe and they will work longer than any LCD display that we use now days.

More power efficiency means more energy save for the world and in our situation when we are running out of fuel and other energy sources this technology will really help.

It is not the end of the invention. The LG Electronics Company is going to power their gadget laptops with such fuels as methyl alcohol and natural gas. How they do that?

Well the laptop will have the fuels what we call "on board" they will have a special hinge where they will store the fuel and then use it just like a usual car or whatever. I am not sure how it works because you need something to work that fuel into electricity, but obviously they have something like that.

It is a pity that this laptop is not being produced yet. It is a concept of the future and I would really like to see this laptop in the stores. The reason it is note being produced yet is that it is too expensive to produce them. You got to create an energy unit for every laptop so it is really expensive to produce.

This gadget will be the future of the marked of laptops and other portable devices. Using their own energy source like methyl alcohol or natural gas will make their batteries run longer and be more independent from the electricity.

Small is Beautiful.

Ultra small, unique and delicately designed Agent Cam HD Video Recording camera is a useful gadget in many situation when is necessary to have some memories recorded. Any records could be made and saved. Time with family, business meetings, sport events, outdoor activity, evidence collector, security aim - only are few useful clues where Agent Cam HD will be useful. This small high resolution DVR cam allows to record up to 6 hours of video.

Micro Mini DVR cam is a universal miniaturized piece to carry it anywhere. Reliable construction made from metal and glass, with USB port and Led indicator. Plug and play option for Windows or later editions. Micro Mini Cam is compatible with Windows 98SE / ME / 2000 / Vista / XP. Gadget dimension: 50mm x 50mm x 15mm (LxWxD).


- name: HS-WDVR01 Watch DVR
- Memory: 2 GB MicroSD in included
- Format: AVI (640*480), 15ÀÇÑ
- MIC: built-in
- Power source: integrated battery that is recharged directly via USB port or with charger.
- Display mode: Analog 12 hours (hour, minute, second)

This Micro Mini DVR cam is a universal miniaturized piece to carry it anywhere. Reliable construction made from metal and glass, with USB port and Led indicator. Comes with all necessary set of functions to record video.
Environmentally friendly materials for future technologies produced from plants.

To reduce amount of products in stores that are manufactured of unrecyclable or poorly recyclable materials, a lot of world leading companies look at a farmer’s fields to find an appropriate solution today. And they are not only guided by green tendencies.

By using environmentally friendly materials companies can bring down taxes and costs of productions. Five plants that are presented here are essential for the future technology and they can be accessed in any part of the world.

Let's see what prospective gadgets will be made of.

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Green Fingers Made Easy!

Are you sick and tired of muddy gardening? Here is a very handy gizmo to save the day. NASA researchers have found the way that makes it possible to grow your favorite plants whatever season it is with no soil at all. Christened the Power Plant Growing Machine, this smart gadget operates based on so called “aeroponics” technique thanks to which plants are well grown.

This clever technique uses a state of the art micro jet system positioned inside the box which allows ceaseless roots spraying with super oxygenated nutrient enriched water. Thus, crops are able to grow efficiently so keep your fingers crossed to reap an abundant harvest which is expected to be stronger and larger.

In order to start growing plants, you will need to fill the power plant reservoir base with tap water or distilled water as a better option. Then, you should pour mixed nutrient throughout the sponge. Sow your seeds into the sponge with the card seed cover placed on it. Now, you can simply place it in a sunny place.

Once the sprouts appear, humidadomes are positioned over every sprout to stimulate their growing. Mains-powered, this ingenious Power Plant Growing Machine lets you enjoy indoor gardening. Whether you want to glow flowers for your wife or some scrumptious veggies, be sure your harvest is rich and constant.

This Power Plant Growing Machine can be used many times and is retailed for 49, 87 USD. No more worms or bugs. This gardening kit seems to offer better conditions than soil grown plants. The Power Plant measures about 20 cm in width, 15, 5 cm in length and 7 cm in diameter and includes a growing system, 2 grow sponges, nutrient mix, pump, 3 humidadomes, 12 volt power supply as well as user guide.
48-core processor.

Futuristic 48-core design of Intel’s latest processor concept may sound like the company got involved in an arms race with AMD, especially since Intel Xeon 7500 designed for servers has 8 cores versus Opteron 6100’s 12 cores from AMD.

But as it appears, limited edition of 48-core processors has come into this world only as a guinea pig and will most likely be sacrificed in the name of results it will achieve in the hands of lucky researches when they get it in late Q2.

Everyone who is in the know expects a lot form the experimental 48-core architecture. One of the advantages of rich core topology is low power consumption. Even first tests show that processor stays nicely between 25W when idle and 125W under load. These results are achieved at clock speeds similar to current Atom units.

Another advantage is getting round x86 architecture bottlenecks when it comes to data exchange with system memory. Every core has its personal buffer so that it could immediately communicate with the others. This, by the way, frees up some memory as well.

What’s more, cores can be easily shut off with the help of additional software which so far is in development. I have to say I am quite exited by this concept. Especially because Intel promises to bring some of the elements and ideas behind massively multicore server processors to desktop solutions, so I will keep an eye on what’s going on in Intel Labs.

With development of technologies, appear many ideas how to simplify our locomotion. Some are crazy, some - very pricy. As usual, they are just concepts, only ideas, and are not produced. Chairs, even beds – they all become a vehicle when somebody places engine inside them. And sometimes common and usual roller skates can be the source of inspiration for creative people.

Creator of this engine powered roller skates, iShoes (accessory to iPhone, huh?), probably, was very annoyed to just walk. We don't know his intentions, but his invention looks curious. Imagine a four wheeled roller skates, with a small electric-powered engine built in. They can be easily put on about every shoe, making them more practical than Segway – already existing device for personal transportation.

iShoes can go at speeds up to 24 km per hour (15 miles per hour), one charge of the batteries lasts for 9-11 km (5-7 miles) – distance almost triple shorter than Segway offers. Great advantage of these – small size, which means good portability. You can carry them with you in the bag when you arrive to your destination – a good possibility to prevent theft (Just imagine somebody carrying Segway around…). And while riding iShoes, you are not looking strange – they look just like normal and usual four wheeled roller skates.

So, if you like extreme sports – then these roller skates are not for you. They are completely helpless at ramps and it is very difficult to do tricks with them on foot. But if you prefer calm riding and want to amaze and be original – then this invention of Ilja Kaganovich can be the right choice.
Jet engine powered by hydrogen

Pollution represents a perennial problem that can not be solved except by means of the collaboration of all the world's nations. During some last decades a great attention was paid to the air pollution and Green House effect. Many people and scientists are unison in opinions that the airline industry is one of the major pollutants at all. So in order to decrease its impact on the environment some drastic measures like using other types of planes should be taken.

According to the recent news a new reaction engine was invented whose designers intend to solve given problem at least partially. This engine is a hydrogen-powered A2 aircraft concept that would be capable of hitting Mach-5 - five times the speed of sound (3400 mph), making it somewhat the spiritual successor of the Concorde. What makes it different is range and efficiency, capable of ferrying up to 300 passengers from Brussels to Sydney in less than four hours. It uses a 2-mode engine that makes it efficient at low speeds as well as hitting top gear with relative ease.

Thus, this concept represents an outstanding attempt to solve such a complicated problem. It would be great if in the near future we were able to see how these ultra-jet planes were put into operation. Yet, there is quite an important point that prevents companies from using extensively these engines: production of hydrogen fuel on a large scale (without emitting carbon dioxide) still remains a significant problem so there will still be danger to our environment.