Friday, 30 April 2010


With development of technologies, appear many ideas how to simplify our locomotion. Some are crazy, some - very pricy. As usual, they are just concepts, only ideas, and are not produced. Chairs, even beds – they all become a vehicle when somebody places engine inside them. And sometimes common and usual roller skates can be the source of inspiration for creative people.

Creator of this engine powered roller skates, iShoes (accessory to iPhone, huh?), probably, was very annoyed to just walk. We don't know his intentions, but his invention looks curious. Imagine a four wheeled roller skates, with a small electric-powered engine built in. They can be easily put on about every shoe, making them more practical than Segway – already existing device for personal transportation.

iShoes can go at speeds up to 24 km per hour (15 miles per hour), one charge of the batteries lasts for 9-11 km (5-7 miles) – distance almost triple shorter than Segway offers. Great advantage of these – small size, which means good portability. You can carry them with you in the bag when you arrive to your destination – a good possibility to prevent theft (Just imagine somebody carrying Segway around…). And while riding iShoes, you are not looking strange – they look just like normal and usual four wheeled roller skates.

So, if you like extreme sports – then these roller skates are not for you. They are completely helpless at ramps and it is very difficult to do tricks with them on foot. But if you prefer calm riding and want to amaze and be original – then this invention of Ilja Kaganovich can be the right choice.
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