Friday, 4 May 2007

What is Hyperinnovation
(example 5)?

Now, what about hybrid fruit?

The ‘Grapple’ (grape+apple).

The ‘Peacotum’ (peach+apricot+plum).

The ‘Necaplum’ (nectarine+plum).

And such Hyperfood is in the laboratories of C&O Nursery and Monsanto right now. Fruit and vegetables with surprising, but pleasing shapes and colour, which incorporate all manner of health enhancing vitamins and minerals
The message here: as genetic engineering and information technology continue to combine with agriculture and pharmaceuticals, n-food production will be the most multidimensional of all.

What is Hyperinnovation (example 4)?
Hyperinnovation refers not merely to the incredible speed and magnitude of innovation, but the enormous interconnectivity of new ideas, technology, markets, even whole industries.
What is Hyperinnovation (example 3)?
‘Hyper’ in the context of innovation, means 'many interconnected dimensions (not unlike Hypertext or Hyperlinks).' One good definition of 'Innovation' is 'The successful introduction of novel ideas.' So 'Hyperinnovation' means the 'Multidimensional interconnection and successful introduction of novel ideas.'

Thursday, 3 May 2007

What is Hyperinnovation (example 2)?

Worldwide sales of so-called 'Hyperphones' accounted for 48 percent of total worldwide mobile phone sales in 2006, growing to 81 percent by 2010, according to new forecasts from Gartner Inc. This trend is set to continue, leading to sales of one billion Hyperphones by 2010.

Sunday, 29 April 2007

What is Hyperinnovation (example 1)?

Think of the latest Nokia cellphone, the N95 (See picture). Is it a video camera or personal assistant; a music centre or communications tool; a games consol or dictaphone; a book or television; a musical instrument or credit card; a remote controller or word processor; a front door key or portal to the world?

Ask Nokia....In fact ask Sony… Ask Apple... Ask Virgin. And they will give you the a similar muse:
'As bandwidth grows and technology shrinks toward the invisible, both concept and functionality increasingly interconnects and expands toward the multidimensional.