Friday, 21 December 2012

Become an Astronaut with the Space Expedition Corporation

fly to space
Photo Courtesy of Space Expedition Corporation
Traveling across the globe can be great, but constant jet-setters generally hit a point where they feel as if they have seen it all. If you have stars in your eyes – and by that, I literally mean stars – then this holiday season the Space Expedition Corporation has something that might be right up your trajectory; a luxury flight into space.

Part of the Founding 100 Astronaut Program, a once in a lifetime opportunity, offers 100 lucky travelers the chance to be part of its inaugural flight to space in 2014 and fulfill their childhood dream of becoming an astronaut.

Here comes 'zSpace!'
I started on an A00 Engineering Drawing Board in small town manufacturing company in 1981. It took months on end to draw up details and assemblies for even the simplest products.
Then in 1982 Autodesk published AutoCAD 1.1. It still took many weeks to draw even sophisticated engineering assemblies.
Then came solid modelling in 1985. It took a few weeks to model and draw complex injection mouldings and castings.
In 2006 came the first consumer priced NURBS based 3D modelling and detailing CAD system. Same time scale of few week but cheaper at the front end.
Now comes zSpace unleashing the full potential of human creativity. By blending the physical world with a sensory-rich virtual world that people can naturally and intuitively manipulate and navigate, we significantly advance the way we solve problems, learn, teach, communicate and create our world. zSpace is a revolutionary, immersive, interactive 3D environment for computing, creating, communication and entertainment. On the physical level, zSpace includes new computer hardware, software, and most importantly a true 3D user experience. In zSpace:
  • Objects appear in open space, with full colour and high resolution.
  • You cannot tell a real object from its virtual-holographic twin.
  • You directly interact with these virtual-holographic objects.
  • You engage with an easy to use yet powerful 3D user interface.
  • You have total viewing comfort.
  • Developers can quickly enable their applications or build new ones.
To accomplish this, our unique technology transforms today’s computing environment. We integrate human perception into an incredibly realistic, interactive experience that is simultaneously virtual and real. The multisensory platform provides a highly realistic way to view, manipulate, and communicate complex ideas through direct interaction with zSpace virtual-holographic simulations. They appear realistically “solid” and can be directly manipulated by using a stylus as if they were actual physical objects. It is designed to transform your PC into a virtual-holographic system where you can collaborate with colleagues and friends by directly interacting with stunningly realistic virtual objects and environments.
In zSpace, you don comfortable, lightweight passive polarized eyewear and pick up the zSpace stylus. When the zStation is activated, 3D objects of incredible clarity are fully rendered. When you examine an object in zSpace, you understand its depth and volume. Pull it toward yourself or push it away exactly as you would with a real object. Move your head around to visualize details from every angle. Create 3D objects from scratch or alter pre-existing models. Access a virtual camera to zoom in and examine the internal content of objects.
The richness of the zSpace platform provides breath-taking, interactive graphics and an unsurpassed, highly visceral experience.
  • Discover hidden information
  • Learn more quickly
  • Simulate and model more accurately
  • Represent ideas more effectively
  • Create incredibly realistic virtual prototypes
The applications of zSpace are as limitless as your imagination.

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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

“I’ve been in 3D and tech for years…I was amazed. It was one of those “Ah-ha!” moments…WOW, we’re really doing this now!”

Designers and engineers talk about the zSpace experience in this short video.

What Will You Create
In zSpace?

The ultimate platform for creating, computing, communicating and entertaining. Take your design to the next level and unleash your creativity in an interactive 3D environment zSpace provides developers an engaging and immersive experience with sensory-rich features for visualizing and interacting with all elements in a virtually-holographic 3D environment.

Take Control and Manipulate Virtual Holograms With
Your Hands.

zSpace’s intuitive design allows you to iterate ideas and interact with 3D models and designs quickly and with precision. Objects are virtually simulated in a highly visual, engaging, and intuitive manner.

Collaborative Environment

zSpace is a collaborative virtual medium that includes high-resolution, stereoscopic 3D, eye tracking, and direct interaction with a highly precise stylus. Multiple users can remotely view, modify, and communicate information in real-time.

Change Your Perspective.

zSpace is changing the way we work, how we solve problems and how we see the world.

“I’ve been in 3D and tech for years…I was amazed. It was one of those “Ah-ha!” moments…WOW, we’re really doing this now!”

Designers and engineers talk about the zSpace experience in this short video.

Immerse Yourself In zSpace

  • Maximize engagement
  • Manipulate complex imagery
  • Communicate information clearly and effectively
  • Conceptualize, prototype, and speed time to market

 Slingshot WaterPurification System Will Bring Hope to Billions.

Coca-Cola Co plans to deliver and operate water purification systems in rural parts of the developing world, working with the inventor of the Segway transportation device in a project that will also help further Coke’s sustainability targets.
The world’s largest soft drink maker said that it is teaming up with American inventor Dean Kamen to roll out his new invention, called the Slingshot, to bring clean water to areas where it is limited.
Kamen, whose organization is called Deka R&D, has made many inventions in the medical device field but is best-known for his Segway personal transporter. He also worked with Coke on its Freestyle fountain dispenser.
Kamen expects to deliver 30 Slingshot machines to Coke by the end of 2012. Next year, Coke will place machines in rural areas of South Africa, Mexico and Paraguay, in places like schools, health clinics and community centers.
By 2014, the distribution should widen to include thousands of units, and later to extend to India, the Middle East and Asia.
“For us to partner with Deka and embark on a project with huge societal implications gives me huge excitement,” Coke Chief Executive Muhtar Kent told Reuters. “And it fits perfectly with our other sustainability pillars, such as our goal for water neutrality.”
As part of Kent’s “2020 Vision” Coca-Cola has committed to replenish 100 percent of the water used in its drinks and their production. Through 3slingshot machine Coke DEKA86 water projects in 94 countries, the company is 35 percent of the way toward the goal.
The Slingshot uses a vapor compression distillation system that runs on very low levels of electricity. Through boiling and evaporation, the system can clean and purify anything from ocean water to raw sewage, Kamen and Coke said. One Slingshot unit can purify up to 300,000 liters of water a year, or enough daily drinking water for about 300 people, Kamen said.
Coke declined to quantify its financial investment, but Kent said the company would dedicate “whatever funds are necessary” to make the project meaningful. Still, significant investments in time and effort by Coke and its local bottlers will translate to millions of dollars.

Lack of access to clean water can lead to diseases including diarrhea, the second-leading cause of death in children under five years old, according to data from the World Heath Organization.
Kamen, who has developed insulin pumps, said that giving everyone access to clean water would be a major contribution to preventing such diseases.
“Talk about low-hanging fruit,” Kamen said in an interview.
He said he reached out to Coca-Cola for its vast distribution network and ability to deliver small products everywhere.
Kent said he envisions the Slingshots, which each weigh about 200 pounds and can fit in the back of a truck, being placed in kiosks that will run on solar power or biofuel and could provide rural communities with other benefits, such as refrigerated vaccines, mobile-device charging stations and entrepreneurial opportunities for women.
Last year, Coke and Kamen’s organization conducted a field trial of the Slingshot, testing it at five schools outside Accra, Ghana.