Friday, 21 December 2012

Here comes 'zSpace!'
I started on an A00 Engineering Drawing Board in small town manufacturing company in 1981. It took months on end to draw up details and assemblies for even the simplest products.
Then in 1982 Autodesk published AutoCAD 1.1. It still took many weeks to draw even sophisticated engineering assemblies.
Then came solid modelling in 1985. It took a few weeks to model and draw complex injection mouldings and castings.
In 2006 came the first consumer priced NURBS based 3D modelling and detailing CAD system. Same time scale of few week but cheaper at the front end.
Now comes zSpace unleashing the full potential of human creativity. By blending the physical world with a sensory-rich virtual world that people can naturally and intuitively manipulate and navigate, we significantly advance the way we solve problems, learn, teach, communicate and create our world. zSpace is a revolutionary, immersive, interactive 3D environment for computing, creating, communication and entertainment. On the physical level, zSpace includes new computer hardware, software, and most importantly a true 3D user experience. In zSpace:
  • Objects appear in open space, with full colour and high resolution.
  • You cannot tell a real object from its virtual-holographic twin.
  • You directly interact with these virtual-holographic objects.
  • You engage with an easy to use yet powerful 3D user interface.
  • You have total viewing comfort.
  • Developers can quickly enable their applications or build new ones.
To accomplish this, our unique technology transforms today’s computing environment. We integrate human perception into an incredibly realistic, interactive experience that is simultaneously virtual and real. The multisensory platform provides a highly realistic way to view, manipulate, and communicate complex ideas through direct interaction with zSpace virtual-holographic simulations. They appear realistically “solid” and can be directly manipulated by using a stylus as if they were actual physical objects. It is designed to transform your PC into a virtual-holographic system where you can collaborate with colleagues and friends by directly interacting with stunningly realistic virtual objects and environments.
In zSpace, you don comfortable, lightweight passive polarized eyewear and pick up the zSpace stylus. When the zStation is activated, 3D objects of incredible clarity are fully rendered. When you examine an object in zSpace, you understand its depth and volume. Pull it toward yourself or push it away exactly as you would with a real object. Move your head around to visualize details from every angle. Create 3D objects from scratch or alter pre-existing models. Access a virtual camera to zoom in and examine the internal content of objects.
The richness of the zSpace platform provides breath-taking, interactive graphics and an unsurpassed, highly visceral experience.
  • Discover hidden information
  • Learn more quickly
  • Simulate and model more accurately
  • Represent ideas more effectively
  • Create incredibly realistic virtual prototypes
The applications of zSpace are as limitless as your imagination.

See video in post below and review by clicking here!

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