Saturday, 24 October 2009

Batman: Dead End....

.... is a fan film made by Sandy Collora that premiered at the San Diego Comic Con, and on the internet shortly thereafter.

The film, made for a reported $30,000,[1] stars Clark Bartram as the Batman, who is chasing down an escaped Joker, played by Andrew Koenig.

But there's a surprise move, but ????

Batman character has previously fought the ???? in the comic books from Dark Horse Comics, and the film draws some of its imagery from those comics and possibly why Batman wasn't surprised at them.

Film director and comic book writer Kevin Smith called it "possibly the truest, best Batman movie ever made"[3], and comic book artist Alex Ross praised it as "Batman the way I've always wanted to see him"[4].

Film director Collora has stated in interviews that the film was made as a demonstration reel to attract attention to his directing skills, and as such, succeeded in its goal.

Fan Films Quarterly listed Batman: Dead End as one of the 10 most pivotal moments in fan film history.

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Friday, 23 October 2009

The Jill and Julia Show!

Two of TED's favorites, Jill Sobule and Julia Sweeney, team up for a delightful set that mixes witty songwriting with a little bit of social commentary.

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Organ virtuoso Qi Zhang plays her electric rendering of "Ridiculous Fellows" from Prokofiev's "The Love for Three Oranges" orchestral suite.

This exhilarating performance from TED features the Yamaha Electone Stagea, a rare, imported instrument specially programmed by Qi herself.

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Thursday, 22 October 2009

Building Innovative Teams.

Thanks Robin, I'm flattered.

'This is an impressive book by any standards and I for one have very much appreciated that Harris has chosen to share his methodologies...I have read the book three times, such is the level of richness and guidance provided, and each time I pick it up I get new insights. I strongly recommend Building Innovative Teams.'

Robin Campbell, Journal of Management Development.

Monday, 19 October 2009

The BIG C Detector.

It will happen to about a third of us.

But it is the time it takes to euclidate the illness that expands the fright.

Now a new micro chip has been invented that can detect Cancer within 30 seconds.

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Who's in Big Brother's Database?

On a remote edge of Utah's dry and arid high desert, where temperatures often zoom past 100 degrees, hard-hated construction workers with top-secret clearances are preparing to build what may become America's equivalent of Jorge Luis Borges's "Library of Babel," a place where the collection of information is both infinite and at the same time monstrous, where the entire world's knowledge is stored, but not a single word is understood.
At a million square feet, the mammoth $2 billion structure will be one-third larger than the US Capitol and will use the same amount of energy as every house in London combined.

Unlike Borges's "labyrinth of letters," this library expects few visitors. It's being built by the ultra-secret National Security Agency—which is primarily responsible for "signals intelligence," the collection and analysis of various forms of communication—to house trillions of phone calls, e-mail messages, and data trails:
Web searches, parking receipts, bookstore visits, and other digital "pocket litter." Lacking adequate space and power at its city-sized London sized headquarters, the NSA is also completing work on another data archive, this one in San Antonio, Texas, which will be nearly the size of the Alamodome.

And so, 2 things?

1. Be careful what you say over the net/com.

2. A spy centre that requires the energy input of a city, well that means Yottabytes (1024 Bytes) by 2015. Roughly equal to about a septillion (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) pages of voice, text and numbers. And that every call, every day, for the foreseeable future.

Global Ethic: I'm not one for political propaganda!

But this TED talk by Gordon Brown (PM) took me by surprise.

At last a leader with a Global Vision. A whole world view that is intent on manifesting global economic stability, ecological correction, wolrd poverty disolvement, and wholistic political morality.

Gordon Brown is - like it or not - becoming the world's first Global Politician, based on a Global Ethic.

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