Thursday, 25 June 2009

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Brain Wave of The Future.

What If You Could Move Objects With Your Mind? Well, That Time Has Come.

You slip the wireless headset on. It looks like something a telemarketer would wear, except the earpieces are actually sensors, and what looks like a microphone is a brain wave detector. You place its tip against your forehead, above your left eyebrow.

A few feet away is a ping-pong ball in a clear tube called the Force Trainer. The idea is to use your thoughts alone, as recognized by the wand on your forehead, to lift the ball. Your brain's electrical activity is translated into a signal understood by a little computer that controls a fan that blows the ball up the tube. Levitates it. As if by magic. It's mind over matter.

All you have to do is concentrate. On anything, it doesn't matter. The harder you concentrate, the higher the ball goes. A musician says he played a song in his head and focused on a particular chord change. A former high school tennis star focused on his 120-mph serve. One woman brought the image of a candle flame to mind. The ball rose.
Concentrate. Concentrate.

A sound erupts -- first a groan, then a woooo, WOOOO -- like a Halloween ghost.
The ball spins, slowly at first, then faster.

Concentrate, concentrate.

And then the ball rises inside the tube. Up it lifts, two inches, four inches -- a foot!
You giggle and your concentration is broken; the ghostly sound fades and the ball drops back into its nest with a gurgle.

You have just controlled a physical object with your mind.

Competing mind-over-matter toys from Mattel and Uncle Milton Industries are coming this fall to a store near you. They are the first "brain-computer interfaces" to enter the consumer mainstream.

Toys, but so much more. They embody a dream of the ages: controlling the world with your thoughts. Telekinesis. The stuff of the gods.

Monday, 22 June 2009


I’m thinking about organising a TEDx event in the near future. I’m talking to TED people about getting an official licence to hold a day of live Speakers, Entertainers and TED archive videos.

Perhaps a small get-together in October 2009, and maybe a larger event in May 2010?

It's branded: 'TEDxBrighton.'

The theme most probably – at this stage - will be around ‘Treat the world as you would like to be treated.’

For one example talk, large scale dance events (raves) are often not given a licence because of noise pollution.

There is a growing number of Wi-Fi technologies that enable so-called silent discos. 2000+ ravers don Wi-Fi headsets with multi-channel connection direct to a number (2, 3, 4, etc) of DJs playing at the same time. Simply select the DJ you want to hear.

Most people don’t talk when they dance either. So noise pollution is drastically lowered.

I'm talking to a company that hires out such equipment, with view for them to do a 10 minute talk on the future of this new silent disco trend.

As above: ‘Treat the world as you would like to be treated.’