Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Hydrogen Fuelcells (HFC): So You Thought Wide Spread Application is Years Away?

A demonstration of a 'General Hydrogen Inc' fuelcell powered forklift truck has proved successful. The fuelcell pack is applicable to any electric drive vehicle.

The hybrid fuelcell system consisted of proprietary components in combination with a fuelcell stack, an ultra-capacitor bank, and hydrogen storage equipment.

The demonstration proved that fuelcell technology is more practical, more efficient, more cost effective and safer than conventional electric battery or diesel systems.

Trivial? No. A key indicator that HFC technology is already diffusing.

Whoosssh.... There goes me Nan on her Granny Mobile!

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Tuesday, 7 August 2007

General Hydrogen Inc's Prototype Fuelcell Service System Set Up.
A Medieval 21st Century?

Buck Rogers was way out!….

For 60 percent of the world‘s population, the 21st century is medieval.

2 billion people live in squatter cities, 2 billion more live in countries dominated by ideas over a 1000 years old!

How Near is Robbie Robot?

Robotics is already a £16 billion market.

Surprisingly, 60% of market value today is in marine robotics - not industrial automation!

By the trends:

Domestic, but expensive, humanoid robots will hit the market before 2015.

Buy 2020 they'll be ubiquitous, at a price comparable to a small second family car.

By 2025, you get 'demestibots' from Tesco. High-end robots that start to match human emotional/intellectual intelligence will be used in war theatre.