Thursday, 18 June 2009

Future Files: Innovation Timeline

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Predicting the future is a dangerous game — the future is never a straight, linear extrapolation from the present.
Unexpected innovations and events will conspire to trip up the best-laid plans — but it’s still better than not thinking about the future at all.

Future Files is a new book filled with provocative forecasts about how the world might change in the next half century.
It examines emerging trends and developments in society, technology, economy, and business, and makes educated speculations as to where they might take us.

Future Files will prove indispensable to business planners and strategists, and anyone else that is curious about the future or needs to stay ahead of the game.
Mind Over Wheelchair Matters.

A research team of the University of Zaragoza has developed a prototype of a brain-actuated wheelchair.

During May 2008, five subjects, only using their thoughts, successfully carried navigation and manoeuvrability tasks with the wheelchair in the University.

The non-invasive method to record the human neural activity was normal EEG signals and a robotised wheelchair equipped with laser sensors.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Artificial Telepathy Technology.


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Cheap, reliable and fast artificial telepathy. Just put on the neck band, and think in your inner-voice.

Called 'Audeo' technology, it's being developed to create a human-computer interface for communication.

When a person intends to speak their brain sends muscle instructions in the form of electrical signals through the nervous system. These electrical signals stimulate the muscles to, under normal circumstances, produce the desired speech.

In many cases however, disease or disability can prevent the muscles from responding to this stimulation. The Audeo gets around this by directly utilizing the electrical activity itself, which even in severe cases can still be present.

This is not just ground braking technology. It is a meta-transformation technology.