Friday, 30 April 2010

Jet engine powered by hydrogen

Pollution represents a perennial problem that can not be solved except by means of the collaboration of all the world's nations. During some last decades a great attention was paid to the air pollution and Green House effect. Many people and scientists are unison in opinions that the airline industry is one of the major pollutants at all. So in order to decrease its impact on the environment some drastic measures like using other types of planes should be taken.

According to the recent news a new reaction engine was invented whose designers intend to solve given problem at least partially. This engine is a hydrogen-powered A2 aircraft concept that would be capable of hitting Mach-5 - five times the speed of sound (3400 mph), making it somewhat the spiritual successor of the Concorde. What makes it different is range and efficiency, capable of ferrying up to 300 passengers from Brussels to Sydney in less than four hours. It uses a 2-mode engine that makes it efficient at low speeds as well as hitting top gear with relative ease.

Thus, this concept represents an outstanding attempt to solve such a complicated problem. It would be great if in the near future we were able to see how these ultra-jet planes were put into operation. Yet, there is quite an important point that prevents companies from using extensively these engines: production of hydrogen fuel on a large scale (without emitting carbon dioxide) still remains a significant problem so there will still be danger to our environment.

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