Friday, 30 April 2010

Green Fingers Made Easy!

Are you sick and tired of muddy gardening? Here is a very handy gizmo to save the day. NASA researchers have found the way that makes it possible to grow your favorite plants whatever season it is with no soil at all. Christened the Power Plant Growing Machine, this smart gadget operates based on so called “aeroponics” technique thanks to which plants are well grown.

This clever technique uses a state of the art micro jet system positioned inside the box which allows ceaseless roots spraying with super oxygenated nutrient enriched water. Thus, crops are able to grow efficiently so keep your fingers crossed to reap an abundant harvest which is expected to be stronger and larger.

In order to start growing plants, you will need to fill the power plant reservoir base with tap water or distilled water as a better option. Then, you should pour mixed nutrient throughout the sponge. Sow your seeds into the sponge with the card seed cover placed on it. Now, you can simply place it in a sunny place.

Once the sprouts appear, humidadomes are positioned over every sprout to stimulate their growing. Mains-powered, this ingenious Power Plant Growing Machine lets you enjoy indoor gardening. Whether you want to glow flowers for your wife or some scrumptious veggies, be sure your harvest is rich and constant.

This Power Plant Growing Machine can be used many times and is retailed for 49, 87 USD. No more worms or bugs. This gardening kit seems to offer better conditions than soil grown plants. The Power Plant measures about 20 cm in width, 15, 5 cm in length and 7 cm in diameter and includes a growing system, 2 grow sponges, nutrient mix, pump, 3 humidadomes, 12 volt power supply as well as user guide.
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