Friday, 30 April 2010

Future Laptop.

What does a laptop of the future need to have and be able to make in order to be a revolutionary product? First of all it has to be ecology friendly and more power saving device. LG Electronics has created a laptop that you can really call the laptop of the future. Why?

Fist of all: the power saving features. This gadget laptop's display uses OLED panels. Organic Light – Emitting Diodes are more power safe and they will work longer than any LCD display that we use now days.

More power efficiency means more energy save for the world and in our situation when we are running out of fuel and other energy sources this technology will really help.

It is not the end of the invention. The LG Electronics Company is going to power their gadget laptops with such fuels as methyl alcohol and natural gas. How they do that?

Well the laptop will have the fuels what we call "on board" they will have a special hinge where they will store the fuel and then use it just like a usual car or whatever. I am not sure how it works because you need something to work that fuel into electricity, but obviously they have something like that.

It is a pity that this laptop is not being produced yet. It is a concept of the future and I would really like to see this laptop in the stores. The reason it is note being produced yet is that it is too expensive to produce them. You got to create an energy unit for every laptop so it is really expensive to produce.

This gadget will be the future of the marked of laptops and other portable devices. Using their own energy source like methyl alcohol or natural gas will make their batteries run longer and be more independent from the electricity.
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