Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Just Finished Reading 'GQ: Creative Britain.'

'In the past 20 years Britain has changed beyond recognition. New technologies have revolutionised our lives, undercutting established norms and upending industries. It's in these periods of uncertainty that true innovators revel: radicals keen to reimagine everything from the way we move to the way we read. Whether it's trailblazers creating new models for houses, workspaces, cities, or designers rethinking everything from the chair to the chassis, this next generation of creative minds is keen to recreate the country in its own image: inspired, individual, artistic. A key part of this is the move away from the faceless and mass-produced in favour of a new bespoke, in which bikes are more like art objects and books are things of great beauty, designed to inspire in the Kindle age. Create Britain is GQ's salute to these pioneers: the architects of our nation rethought.'

Click on the links below to see the best of British creativity: