Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Believe Me: Storytelling Manifesto for Change Makers and Innovators.

Our brains are wired for narrative. That we not only enjoy tales and yarns (even as adults), structured anecdotes embed meaning that we can easily relate to and understand.

In contrast, data flooded speed-sheets, after all, have taken over the asylum. People just turn off.

Tell the facts in narrative form and you have them hooked. 

So, if you are charged with a change program, or have to get buy-in for a new innovation, or even simply sell an idea or business concept, the book ‘Believe Me’ will highlight points so that you can structure and get your massage (story) across in a way the listener will grab.

Or to reverse Marshall McLuhan famed message: stories, after all, are the ‘medium’ in which the ‘message’ is truly strung.

The book is designed for today. Easy and fast to read and take in.