Tuesday, 24 July 2012

4 Things You Thought Were True (but)!

One of the bedrocks of creativity and innovation is to condition the brain to think differently. Not differently as in wacky; but a mind-set that enables new insights in the face of conflicting evidence and age old habitual thinking. After all, if you want an innovative breakthrough or original solution then often you need to challenge conventional wisdom.

So, here's 4 so-called immutable truths that mostly go unchallenged!

1. 'You cannot unscramble an egg.' It is too complex and messy to put back together. But, yes you can! Feed it to a Hen. Read Daniel Dennett’s book ‘Darwin's Dangerous Idea,’ and he’ll explain what happens.

2. 'The earth goes around the Sun!' Yes, but!!! The Sun also resolves around the Earth once every Galaxy cycle in a ‘hyperbolic curve.’ As the Milky-Way Galaxy rotates every 200 million years, the Sun follows an orbit within that Galaxy. So, as the Earth goes around the Sun once a year, the Sun goes around the earth in a sweeping 200 million year hyper-waltz. Picture it above.

3.  'The Earth is not flat!' But, a flat earth may actually be the case. According to the latest cosmological principles, the Universe is holographic, and basically a 2D plane with the 3rd dimension merely an illusionary projection. The flat Earthers may be right after all.

4.  'Christopher Columbus discovered America.' But he didn’t. The Polonaise people did by boat thousands of years before, island hopping across the Pacific Ocean. And before that the Intuits crossed a land-bridge from Siberian to Alaska during the last ice-age 10,000 year ago. After all, how did the native Indians get there. DNA tests have given evidence for this: Click here for link.