Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year to All You Mouses Out There!

I'd though I'd leave you this year with a mind blower.... Well it is 2010.

A new paper reports that scientist have now created a mouse from basic 'human' stems cell. Yes, from dumb tissue extraced from a you and me (transhumanists eat your heart out).

The paper reads:

'... cells are derived from ordinary skin cells, and when they were created two years ago from human skin and genetically reprogrammed, it was hailed as a breakthrough. But questions remained whether they could act as chameleon-like as embryonic stem cells and morph into any cell type in the body..... One way to show that versatility is if the new reprogrammed stem cells could be used to produce an entire new life.'

New life forms A!

Don't over do it tonight! There maybe Frankenstien Mouse about!

Want to find out more then click here.

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