Monday, 28 December 2009

Future Technologies, Today's Choices:

Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics.

'A Technological, Political and Institutional Map or Emerging Technologies.'

This is a well researched, well organised, and well presented 'Futures' paper.

However, it does what I see far to often. It panders to political will and dogma. It bends to the risk that some of the emerging technologies will not go as far, if at all.

In short, it lacks guts and determination. It presents the data not in a conservative light, but a skeptical one.

There are indeed risks in many new technologies, but that is part-and-parcel of the research. 30 percent of Nanotechnology research budgets, worldwide, is spent on ethical research and rick evaluation and monitoring.

Carbon Nanotubes are Casigenetic. Fact. But so is burnt Toast at breakfast! Risk reduction by design and organisation is the plan in action.

Anyway. Make up your own mind.

Click here for paper.

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