Saturday, 25 February 2017

Huge Problem - Radical Solution - Breakthrough Technology

Astro Teller 's Secrets to Building Hyperinnovative Dream Teams that produce Radical Solutions using Breakthrough Technologies that solve the Worlds' Largest and most Challenging Problems!


Astro Teller, entrepreneur, scientist, author and expert in Intelligent Technology.

If you've ever wondered who is one of the Top-Guns behind the secretive and infamous  Google-X Projects, then Teller is a good start!

Teller is director of Google X laboratories. Over seeing breakthrough projects such as Google Glass, Google Driverless Car, Google Contact Lens, and Project Loon.

His premise on team leadership is to inspire and let go of people working on an X-Project. Get out of their way, and inspire them to focus on Hugest Problems the World has, and Fix them by offering Radical Solutions via Breakthrough Technologies, especially with ones that have failed in the past (try, try, try again); or indeed, new to the world space science-fiction-like technologies.

Watch this video and listen a legend in the making!

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