Saturday, 25 February 2017

4 Characteristics Extremely 
Creative Folks Have in Common

If you are a regular visitor to this site, you probably have a somewhat creative bent, or at least appreciate the significance of creativity in the process of innovation.

If you think about it, Creativity is 'the' fundamental phenomena, above all else! Clearly nature and its laws is where it all stems from. But here on the ground, it is people that breath the life of new things. So here's 4 personality traits to look for when looking for creative people.
They’re curious about everything. 
Acutely creative people have extremely diverse range of knowledge in multiple field and contexts. This is simply because they are very curious and have an insatiable thirst for learning (like you). Discovering new things is a big part of creating other fresh ideas that combine elements from arts, history, astronomy, and why not, gastronomy; or as I call it ‘Hyperinnovation.’

Creatives easily switch off from work.
If you are highly creative, you’ll probably have periods of doing nothing, or at least low productive days (even weeks, and in extreme cases, years – me!). 
Creative minds need to find time for relaxation which is why they have developed the skill of taking their mind off from work. Big ideas usually pop up when the brain is relaxed. Plus, time out re-fuels and re-motivates the brain creative powers. 

Creative people don’t take themselves too seriously.
Imaginative bods are often quite playful, because they like and in time learn that having fun opens-up original insight, wooden-top thinker would never see or get. They like to have fun with their work as well as with other people and prefer to find humour even in the direst of situations.

Creativity addiction. 
You know the saying, bad habits (alcohol, drugs, over eating, etc.) ruin lives. Good patterns in life (routine exercise, healthy diet, regular relaxing and good body of continuous learning) gives a good platform for a good life. Highly creative people know the importance of creating something, no matter how small, as often as they can, even daily (this is why get frustrated when my partner locks me out of my Saturday Morning kitchen and I get that creative Chef verve). This is how Creatives turn Imagineering into a habit. They recognize that once you get used to do it all the time, it’s easy to enter that creative state of mind.

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