Friday, 19 April 2013

Virgin Galaxy and ‘First’ person or people to do something in sub-orbital space.

It’s existing for someone like me, a real space buff since a kid. In 2015 Richard Branson’s Spaceship-One will take off into a sub-orbital space ride, taking ordinary folk into near zero gravity.

One of the exciting things is ‘Firsts’ in space events, situations, out of this world records, and rituals.

For example, who are going to be the first couple to get married in space?

Here’s list that people will be ready and willing to pay extra for to be the first in space to achieve it.


Change Religion.
Be Knighted.
Prime Minister or President.
‘A’ List Actor.
Baby or Infant.
Tooth Extraction.
Face piercings.

I could go on. Why don’t you think of some ‘Firsts’ in sub-orbital space!

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