Sunday, 20 January 2013

Managing in the age of Hyperinnovation

Over the past decade the combination of globalisation and the growth of social networks has created a new and unprecedented business challenge. We call it the age of hyper-innovation.
In the age of hyper-innovation change happens in multiple directions – it is caused by the behavior of customers and employees and by the innovative activities of enterprises.
The business landscape is overlaid by the systemic shocks that occur in a globalised economy lacking the buffers that used to protect us against adverse conditions – when economies sought to shelter themselves from competition.
Global flows of finance, goods, and information have taken on a new life, and are governed by principles we don’t yet understand.
The economy is subject to the swarm of changing tastes as social networks and mobile access create instant icons, and often just as quickly reject products and brands.
The dynamics of the four main innovation interest groups – enterprises, policy makers, customers, employees – are mismatched and for many feel unpredictable and unmanageable.
As Google CEO Eric Schmidt has said, the only way to manage is to find a way not to sleep. How do you go about planning an enterprise that can be confident and at east in this volatile environment?
We are researching the dynamics of hyper-innovation. Our objective is to identify and develop new management ideas and new management tools that help enterprises create manageable normality from the extreme volatility of our times.
We invite you to join us in workshops, briefings, executive education and our research projects to learn more about managing the new normal.
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