Sunday, 20 January 2013

Collaboration: The Genesis of Hyper-Innovation

Starting about twenty years back collaboration became the glue that holds organizations together. Why then and why now?

Three trends make collaboration the must-have of any enterprise, yet no-one is saying it’s easy. The reasons all relate to distance and virtualization.
The first reason was globalization - in a globalized economy enterprises had to be designed around distant work relationships and to get true value from a global enterprise people in the labs, sales, product development, marketing and the supply chain had to function as if they were in the next door office to each other.
That drift towards collaboration gradually assumed a new character – instead of collaboration as a necessity of distance, collaboration became a goal in its own right.
Beginning with initiatives like Proctor and Gamble’s Connect and Develop program, innovative enterprises began seeking out collaboration anywhere – with scientists, technicians, inspired individuals. The open enterprise was born.
At the same time crowdsourcing took a hold on the imagination of businesses and Governments.
Three movements, side by side, developed into a powerful new way of doing business. Our subject matter experts have been at the heart of each of these developments, often providing the ideas and insights that shaped these new movements so that executive leaders could adapt and adopt them for their own use.
Today collaboration is not just a must-have. It is a scene of contention as employees initiate a strong Bring Your Own culture, as mobility showers the enterprise with a hundred thousand new apps, and as productivity issues loom large on the agenda of highly competitive markets.
If your need is to know how open innovation, collaborative innovation and collaboration work, then contact us. We constantly, passionately and relentlessly explore these issues so we can bring new insights to the market.
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