Thursday, 13 December 2012

What does ‘Innovating Innovation’ mean?

For me, I think the academic and corporate community is missing the point. When I see the ‘Innovating Innovation’ logo and read a-another essay about innovating innovation, I’ve not yet seen one on ‘Innovating Innovation.’ What I always see are essays that reinforce the authors current or old paradigm. But I have not one yet seen an essay on ‘Innovation Innovation.’

So here a framework for such essay(s):

Innovating Innovation is – for me – about the transcendental concept of innovating innovation. That is, innovation as a subject about itself.

Not another subject about how to innovate in new ways or processes; or even context like radical innovation, or game changing innovation, or scrumdiddilyumpshus innovation.

No, ‘innovating innovation’ for me is about the limits of the contextual framework for innovation. As in how far and how many kind of innovation paradigms are there or could possibly be?

Take the concept of ‘The-design-space-of-possibilities.’ How many possibilities are there for design in the universe until the universe’s heat death trillions-upon- trillion of year from now?

According to Claude Shannon’s Information Theory there is not enough time in the universe to explore all the meaningful possibilities of innovating innovation.

So my hope and point is: when are we going to see an essay/paper/article on the ‘Innovating Innovation’ in this transcendental context?

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