Thursday, 13 December 2012

Innovating Innovation.

Forbes' Steve Denning interviews one of my favourite business authors Gary Hamel. I like the interview because there is a new buzz in my head called 'Innovation Innovation.'

I find it a profound idea, innovation innovation open up a whole new design space of possibilities, as in how much potential is there for the management Innovating Innovation?

Are we near the edge of the end of the space of all possible innovation management concepts, or have we just blown the doors off and opened up a portal to an infinite ecology of management innovation concepts?

Gary begins to address this. Read the intro here and click on below: 

'I talked with Gary Hamel last week about the new M-Prize challenge on Innovating Innovation. The challenge is organized by the Management Innovation eXchange (MIX), an open innovation platform that aims to “crowd-source the future of management.” Among other things, it launches idea-challenges called “M-Prizes” to stimulate contributions from their community of management practitioners. Previous M-Prize challenges have focused on “Management 2.0” and “Beyond Bureaucracy”. This time, the focus is on “innovating innovation”.'

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