Saturday, 14 July 2012

How Can Strategic Viral Marketing Increase Web Site Traffic to My Blog?

There is so much misunderstanding about viral marketing. Most people think it’s a magical and unpredictable mix of tricky videos, luck and having friends with big lists.
It’s time to stop the insanity!
This is a story taken from the real life experiences of several dozen bloggers all rolled up into one person who is named Chris. Perhaps you share his pain.
Chris looked at his blog stats and frowned. It was so frustrating that despite all his posts full of useful information –  despite all his keyword research –  he couldn’t seem to get more than 10–20 visitors a day to his blog.

Since he was blogging about what he’s building a business that he yearned to make profitable, his lack of success seemed to toll a death knell for his efforts.
Despite his usually sunny disposition, he found himself feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with all the work he was putting into his business with so little result.

Have YOU ever felt that way about your blogging results?

Viral Marketing to the Rescue!
With some mentoring, JoAnne finally realized that what she did on her blog itself was only a small fraction of what was needed to build her thriving business.
The blog is the heart of her business, as it should be, and marketing is the blood that flows through the veins leading to the heart.
marketing a business requires referrals, great resources, useful information, success stories and –  most of all –  raving fans who become evangelists.
JoAnne discovered some very valuable lessons, like…
·         How offering something free can still be a source of revenue
·         How to find out what readers crave and give it to them
·         How to properly use the social networks as they’re intended
·         Fun ways to get readers to do the work of spreading the message
·         Specific techniques for determining customers’ wants and needs.
He came to realize that viral marketing isn’t just plopping up a video on YouTube and hoping it would “go viral.” There is a strategy to causing a message to spread.
It doesn’t happen by accident.
Hope is NOT a marketing plan!
Chris also discovered that you still have to “sell” free. People are more guarded about giving away their email address and less likely than ever to read emails.
As he developed his expert voice, he gained people’s trust. So even his free offers got more attention.
He learned that having a strategic system is the ONLY path to success. Without a plan, she could plan to fail.
Most of all, Chris found out the power of leverage. As other people spread his message FOR HIM because of his articles, resources and partnerships, he found it easy to increase web site traffic.

Now, he smiles when looking at his stats, because he sees more and more unique visitors coming to his blog. He also sees more money coming into his account, because those visitors are turning into paying CUSTOMERS.

Doesn’t YOUR blog need a (click) viral marketing frenzy?
Of course it does!
This resource looks like a book, but in actuality, it’s a month-long COURSE in viral marketing that takes you by the hand and walks you through the best and fastest ways to increase Web site traffic using viral marketing methods.

Take a look at the first week of lessons:
 Day 1: Create a Compelling Squeeze Page
• Day 2: Create a Freebie to Encourage Prospects to Join Your List
 Day 3: Create Your Autoresponder Series
• Day 4: How to Avoid Freebie Seekers
 Day 5: Where to Find Potential JV Partners
• Day 6: How to Approach Potential Partners With an Irresistible Offer
 Day 7: How to Create an Affiliate Program that Attracts Super Affiliates

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