Sunday, 15 July 2012

Free on-line: ‘Democratizing  Innovation.’ 
by  Prof. Eric Von  Hippel.

One of my favourite books by Prof. Eric Von Hippel: ‘Democratizing Innovation,’ is avilble free on-line.

 Personally Hippel is in my top ten all time authorities on customer centric innovation.

Even if the concept of ‘Innovation’ at the ‘Strategic’ level is newish to you, the book  is well thought-out and easy digestible.

Basically he says – his long term thesis – that customers are not only beginning to own the innovation process, they are – especially with digital products/processes/content  – way down the line in knowledge and knowhow.

Hence companies had better not only start listening to customers, but bring them in as co-innovators, semi-owners of the innovation force from end-to-end.

It’s a good A-to-Z on how to implement such a strategy.

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