Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Continued Growth of the Multifuctional Complex.

The main idea of this project is architectonics and aesthetics of the new environment, which it creates. Also it has a purpose to be an alternative model for the architecture of the future.

This complex is designed to be in Armenia - Yerevan, (in the canyon of Hrazdan) which is situated not far from the historical center of the city. The whole complex is located in such a place, which can be considered as an entrance to the center of the city.

By making some major changes with the environment where it is situated it also recreates the perception of an urban environment in Yerevan.

Here the idea of skyscraper is analyzed and designed in alternative way, with taking into consideration a human development, connection between human and nature, human scale.
I have analyzed the concept of a skyscraper in several ways; the most important thing is to understand a skyscraper as a vertical growth of urban environment (especially urban environment of central business district).

This proposal suggests the idea of 'continual growth' of skyscrapers, which can be the next stage of development.
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