Sunday, 13 December 2009

Rene Daalder's SpaceCollective.

I'v known Rene Daalder's - the Dutch writer/director – MIND BLOWING work for sometime. In fact I remember vividly the night and where I first experienced it.

Daalder is regarded as a pioneer of Virtual Reality and digital motion picture technologies. He's made many cult films (see wiki). Producing some highly acclaimed, award winning, culminating in directorial feature film debut ‘The White Slave.’

Often operating at the cutting-edge of his field and heavily involved with special effects, software development and music, Daalder has gained worldwide recognition as a pioneer of Virtual Reality and digital motion picture technologies.

His Los Angeles based company ‘American Scenes Inc’ consults for computer imaging studios all over the world and develops technology-driven TV show formats as well as groundbreaking community driven website projects, with interaction designer Folkert Gorte.

Daalder - a man of many firsts - developed digital film making tools and movie projects at NYITÕs Computer Graphics Lab, which spawned the Computer Graphic medium we know today, ranging from SGI to George Lucas' Industrial, Light and Magic and Pixar. Daalder created computer effects and consulted, are RobocopII, Lawnmower Man, Michael Apted's Blink, Brainscan and the X-Files TV series.

His new piece ‘Strawberry Fields’, a computer animated musical feature film and gaming event for which Daalder and his partners have secured the rights to 40 Beatles songs, is now in production.

Only, once again he has blown my mind. His website: 'SpaceCollective.’ Is a multimedia gallery of 'The Future of Everything.' Panning across his and others work, showing an extraordinary array of mini-to-max-vids, hyperthinking and fascinating futurism!

Please take a look at his site. Click Here. But be warned: it's a multidimensional future ride!

Alternatively you can also view his personal site by clicking here.

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