Friday, 29 August 2008

'Space Cube' could be world's smallest PC.

Measuring just 2 by 2 inches the ‘Space Cube’ is a tiny PC developed by the Shimafuji Corporation in Japan.

It’s designed for space communication with NASA, ESA, and JAXA space agencies. Its tasked to control various electronics and manage an interstellar computer network.

The Space Cube´s titanium chassis is rock solid to withstand cosmic encounters. It has very low power requirements, just 5 watts running a 300 MHz CPU, 16 MB of on-board flash memory, Linux OS from a 1GB Compact Flash card, a 64MB SDRAM hard drive card, and quipped with a LAN, USB and Ethernet port, with a VGA monitor connector.

Although the Space Cube isn´t currently available outside Japan, a company called Star Dundee plans to start selling the device after making some improvements. When it goes for sale, the Space Cube will be priced at around £1,500.

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