Wednesday, 22 February 2017

CHILL with Cisco's Hyperinnovation Living Labs

Cisco Systems has recently been ranked number 31 in the Top 50 Most Innovative Companies, by Boston Consulting. And personally, I’m pleased to say they are using my model of Hyperinnovation: interconnecting ideas, technologies, people, organisations, markets and whole industries across boarders in multidimensional ways.

Innovation is strongly associated with – amongst others – creating new gadgets, novel services, step-change improved processes, and funky techniques that move things on. Clearly, all kinds of innovation requires human intervention to plan, build, manage and thrive on the chaos that comes with innovating – anything.

Cisco Systems Inc. call the process ‘Cisco Hyperinnovation Living Labs (CHILL).’ True to its name, CHILL provokes disruption by emulsifying solutions from non-competing companies in various industries. This involves mustering senior executives from Fortune 500 companies at undisclosed locations around the globe for 48 hours.

The locations of these conclaves are trivial; it’s the ideas and solutions, which are most intriguing. 

For example, CHILL brought together four of retail’s biggest brand titans – Costco, Nike, Lowe’s, and Visa. With a willingness to focus on customer needs, learn quickly, and build on ideas, sleeves were rolled up and co-innovation blossomed over 48 hours. These companies worked together under the single ambition of how to remove queues from the retail experience. Ideas ensued and — with the power of Cisco engineering, proto-typing, and technology resources to support them — moved the needle toward real tangible solutions that could be taken to market.

Click on link below to watch a series of CHILL videos (for some reason I've watched them several times!).

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