Saturday, 20 August 2016

5 Things Your Kids Really Need to Master, and Continually Learn and Develop in the Coming Era of Ubiquitous Strong Artificial Intelligence.

Do you have young children, or an extended family of kids? Because if you have, you and the family need to think about and act on what I say below!

Because your kid’s future will be fundamentally different when it comes to work and the workplace, as they are going to be busier than ever without what we call work today!



Work as we know it is going to disappear, as automation is rapidly replacing jobs in the factory; and now in the service sector (how did you book your last holiday? Go to a travel agent, or do it via your iPhone and a Net App?). Mass production driverless cars, are just a few years away! Next, buses, trains, taxies, and all and sundry delivery systems become autonomous (there’s ~one-hundred thousand taxi drivers in the UK alone! What’s next for them?).

Schools, health-care, and security provision are about to go Botmatic! Why learn from a teacher, when you can learn at home with AI cobot? Why go to the quack when prognosis and prescription is carried out by an AI? And would any one mess with a Superstore Security Robot made of Titanium, or rob a Boutique when every (every) product has a Smart GPS Tag (in fact why would any shop need a metallic Robot? By the time the assailant get home, Robocop is waiting at his door step, ‘Prisoner, you have the right to remain silent, or get your Butt kicked).

OK, so here’s the rub.

Not all jobs will be automated and augment with AI. As what can be automated (all repeatable processes) is different from what should be automated (working down a mine). And that comes down too moral values, even ethics. But in the end, most maker and service jobs will be Robotised!

So what are your kids going to do for work, and the major reason for work in the first place: earning a liveable, even higher wage? The jobs of the future will not look like the jobs of the past. In fact, they will not resemble anything like work as we know it today.

They will look like play, fun, hobbies, interests, passions, obsessions, even delusions (for many) as we know it now.

For sure, the first 3 eternals skills/knowledge and application set will become ever more relevant. That is, Mathematics, Language, and Science. But two more ‘need-to-understand’ bodies of know-how are rapidly becoming an imperative: high-level software design/development, and the core processes of innovation, enterprise, and entrepreneurial-ship.

Because without these five bodies of knowledge your kids won’t have a job of any kind. 

Especially the new kinds of jobs now emerging.

Think of the English farmer two-hundred years ago, would he have any idea what new jobs will come into play in 20, 30, 40 or 50 years from then?’ To the farmer, the industrial revolution was nowhere in sight 200 years ago.

Now ask yourself, ‘what short of jobs will be around in 20, 30, 40, 50 years from today?’

What’s different today, with regards this question, is our technologically enabled capability to forecast technological trends with finer and further accuracy than 200 years ago. Big Data, the World-Wide-Web, and Cloud Databases, are tools that enable the mapping of technological trends with reliable accuracy.

We can forecast many of the new jobs in the years to come because of this capability. We know for sure that the AI and Robot Revolution is happening now, and will carry on into the distant future. AI will be everywhere, robots and automation will be ubiquitous.

So programming and maintaining bots and writing AI code will be a must. Most factory and service jobs will be out the window. So innovating new kinds of jobs, businesses, whole industries will be sacrosanct.

So maths, language and science, augmented with high-level software design/development, and the core processes of innovation, enterprise, and entrepreneurial-ship, will be a must have skill set.

Hence, ‘You Incorporated/You-Brand,’ creating unheard of value through the invention of extraordinary new applications and custom programs for AI and Robots in new technological arenas not insight now, is how will be how our children make a living in the future.

The body of knowledge of combined innovation, enterprise, and entrepreneurial-ship, is easy to reach these days. Millions of books (try mine), websites, and conferences are available at reasonable prices (go figure).

But consumer and high school level programming of Robots and AI is still in its infancy. So how do we get started on all this (see post below)?

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