Friday, 8 February 2013

Life Extension Express 
by David Kekich
The health and anti-aging market is worth Gazillions of Dollars, Pounds and Yen. Yet we are some way from popping pills that will halt the tides of time.

Only there is more here!

Life-Extension Express suggests to the reader that not only is the future of Life-Extension real, but lots of applied science and understanding of the mechanisms of aging is now coming to a point where we are a few decades away from off the self health and longevity!

As the book makes clear, you will age, but at a slower rate for the foreseeable future. But as time rides by your physiological aging will slow faster!

But more?

What about the point when you stop aging, and then even begin to reverse your physical age?

What about the possibility that chronologically you are 70 years going on 35 again?

Well, start planning that career you never got around to achieving; that MegaBusiness; that adventure.

And?... 'Yes she's done it, she wins the GOLD... Yes he's done it - Touch Down!!!  And 'O'dear! It's my Great Great Great Grandson's 21st next week, I'll have to skip the Gym!'

What a world we are beginning to live in!

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