Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Stephen Wiltshire 
illustrates entrancing art work

We all know that profoundly original and inspiring breakthroughs in art is a precious rarity. And that there have been gifted artists around for millennium. However,few match the the dons such as the ancient Chinese impressionist  Zhan Ziqian to the works of Leonardo da Vinci La Gioconda  to Rembrandt, Picasso and some might say latter day Damien Hirst and his progressive avant-garde eclectic mixology.

But I watched a young 10 year old boy about 20 years ago on a BBC documentary. I could have hardly forgotten, yet I had not heard until now.

Autistic artist Stephen Wiltshire has put together spellbinding 18ft pictures of New York from MEMORY, after a 20-MINUTE helicopter ride over city! 

The unbelievably intricate picture was drawn at Brooklyn’s prestigious Pratt Institute from Stephen’s memory, with details of every building sketched in to scale.

Take a close look!