Wednesday, 23 January 2013

3D Print Yourself

Have you ever wanted to be an action figure?  Well, now is your chance. 

3D Print Yourself
In the Harujuku district of Tokyo at the Eye of Gyre exhibition space, the Omote 3-D photo booth will open. This booth will take the likeness of its visitors and 3D print them into figurines. 
Customers will be asked to stand still and in position for about 15 minutes while a manually operated scanner records a full-body image.  This data will then be modified for finer detail before the 3D color print is created.  You can do single, double, or group portraits for a number of different sizes, the maximum being about 8 inches high.  The cost begins at around 21,000 yen.

There are limitations, however.  According to, 'shiny jewelry and accessories are ruled out, as are stiletto heels, hoop earrings, anything with a mesh, fluffy sweaters, chiffon, trekking boots, stripes, glasses and bags.  Customers are also discouraged from pulling adventurous or particularly dynamic poses on account of needing to remain stationary for 15 minutes.'
As the technology improves, so will the Omote’s capabilities.  But for now, visitors will have to be content to amass miniature armies of themselves and friends.      

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