Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Trendwatcher.com is my fav website. Need I say more? So here's this months latest posts.

2013 will be the perfect storm of necessity and opportunity: some economies will do OK(-ish), others will be shaky, but whatever market or industry you're in, those who understand & cater to changing consumer needs, desires and expectations will forever have plenty of opportunity to profit. A remapped global economy, new technologies (or 'old' technologies applied in new ways), new business models... hey, what's not to like?
Hence this overview of 10 crucial consumer trends (in random order) for you to run with in the next 12 months. Onwards and upwards:

Don't forget...

Liaoning 16, China’s first aircraft carrier
Like all the best words, the word ‘trend’ is multifaceted ;-) For some, it means the Autumn/Winter collection 2015. For others, it means the rising cost of energy in developed markets. So we should point out that:
  • Our obsession is consumer trends.
  • Yes, we track the big-picture, macro-trends, too. But that’s to inform our investigation of global consumers: we don’t publish our thinking on the macro picture. For more on that, there’s lots out there. Try McKinsey’s Global InstituteGlobal Trends, and The Economist.
  • Consumer trends aren’t like the seasons: they don’t play out neatly across calendar years. They emerge via the cross-pollination, re-combination, meeting-and-matching of existing and new consumer behaviors and innovations, and once they’ve emerged they constantly evolve.
  • That means there is overlap between trends we’ve identified here in this list and other trends we’ve tracked throughout the last 12 months and yes, even before, from SERVILE BRANDS to EXCEPTIONALL.
  • This free Trend Briefing identifies 10 trends that we believe need to be on your radar for 2013. But it’s only a selection of the consumer trends that will shape the coming 12 months. If you’re hungry for more, dive into the ocean of online trend content. Or check out Trend 11 ;-)
  • None of these trends will be relevant to all consumers. Human beings are far too complex for that. When thinking about which trends are right for you, think about how you might apply them.
Which leads to the most important point… Trend watching is all about applying.If you don’t use consumer trends to inspire new, profitable innovations, they’re just “nice to know”. So take action, apply these trends, and increase your revenues in 2013, whether you're a for- or not-for profit organization!


If you’re a regular at trendwatching.com, you’ll be familiar with our four ways to apply consumer trends. When analyzing what a trend means for your business, constantly ask yourself if and how they can:
  1. Influence or shape your company's vision.
  2. Inspire you to come up with a new business concept, an entirely new venture, a new brand.
  3. Add a new product, service or experience for a certain customer segment.
  4. Feed into your campaigns and marketing, and help you speak the language of those consumers already 'living' a trend.
Good luck!
Want to give yourself an even better chance of riding the consumer trend waves that are coming in 2013? Make sure you’re subscribed to our free Trend Briefings: many more to come in 2013 and beyond! trendwatching.com logo
Aren’t you glad applying trends doesn’t have to be like this? ;-)

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