Friday, 16 November 2012

MITEI Solar: Igniting the Revolution at MIT

One of my special view points on the future of energy production, supply and consumption, is that ultimately Solar energy is a very last hope. But in fact it is more that that. Because one the order of 15.3 PetaWatts of radiation energy hits planet earth every second. That works out by current by current projection of global energy need by the year 2030 5000 time the energy we would need to sustain the planet (and then some).

That grate news of course, but getting access to it and distributing it will be one of the most challenging and most expansive technological projects man has faced. It will make the Mission to Mars look like a picnic.

Here's what MITEI say:

'A major focus of MITEI is developing technologies and conducting underlying policy analyses that will improve how we produce, distribute and consume conventional energy sources.

Solar energy has enormous long-term potential as a large-scale, carbon-neutral source of power. MIT faculty and students share how their research is leading the way for scale-up of new technologies for solar capture, conversion and storage.'