Sunday, 30 September 2012

MPhil in Innovation, Strategy & Organisation Cambridge Judge Business School.

I remember only 20 years ago, when in the UK there was no special Masters or PhD university programme that centred around Innovation

In fact, in the latter  parts of the 1980s, the only 'Innovation' courses I knew of was held a CalTech, USA.

That has now changed - after a very long drawn out period.

Below is a brief overview of such a course held at Cambridge University. What I like about it is its focus on Organisation. One very difficult area to manage (or Unmanage!).

The MPhil in Innovation, Strategy & Organisation (ISO) is an intensive nine-month masters programme combining advanced study and research.
The ISO programme has been designed for students wishing to extend their knowledge of social science methodologies and their application to the interdisciplinary study of organisations. It is oriented to those wishing to prepare for a career in academic research.
Link to the PhD Programme.The usual route to a Cambridge Judge Business School PhD is admission via a research MPhil programmes.

The MPhil in Innovation, Strategy & Organisation programme is one of the School's specialist research MPhils and prepares students to continue on to a Cambridge Judge Business School PhD.
To continue to the PhD programme, students must achieve 70% or more overall and at least 70% on the dissertation component, and find a committed supervisor from the School's faculty. In addition after applying they will be interviewed by a panel of faculty members, and will need to be ranked sufficiently highly by the panel to receive a conditional offer.

Another interesting course is held at the Centre for Process Excellence & Innovation

From their website:
The Centre for Process Excellence and Innovation (CPEI) is a research centre that brings together industry and academic partners to explore solutions on how to create sustainable competitive advantage through process and product innovation.
We define competitiveness as a combination of two capabilities:
  • to innovate and develop novel technologies and products, and
  • to deploy and improve the operational processes that efficiently produce and deliver these goods and services to the customer.
The centre is based at Judge Business School. It is interdisciplinary in nature. We collaborate with the engineering and science departments, and also provide graduate teaching on the management of technology and innovation to students from engineering, science and technology professional practice programmes across the University of Cambridge.
Furthermore, the Centre has developed strong links with its industrial partners that commonly collaborate with CPEI researchers, as the Centre seeks to conduct research that is not only rigorous in its approach, revealing in its findings, but also relevant to management practice.
A key focus of the centre is to provide a forum where industry and academia can interact and collaborate through research, executive education and student projects. Our research seeks to develop leading-edge thinking and solutions that are of relevance to practice - following our overarching aim of "connecting ideas, technologies and markets".