Saturday, 14 July 2012

i.Bar installed at London's swanky Soho Nightclub 24

Glass act ... glasses become linked
It has an interactive drag and drop-style display like Tom Cruise's character used in sci-fi flick Minority Report.
And can be programmed to display any image, for example a Stella logo could appear when a pint is placed on it or footage of grapes when you plonk your plonk on top.
The technology - which is still in its infancy - is the brainchild of Danish computer whizzes.

They've come up with dozens of flash animations that react to touch and glasses that are placed on top.

Up until now, the machines have mainly been used for corporate jobs, such as a perfume counter version for Chanel which went down a storm.

But bosses are keen to expand further into the booze market, with big ideas for the future of pubs.
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