Friday, 13 July 2012

Madness of Crowdfunding: Millions Mingle to Raise Millions

Sounds MAD but Crowdfunding is a recently new way to get microfunding for innovation projects. 

I say recent because it's at least 5 years since the first ventues kickstarted. 

However, they have already raised many billions of dollars from once disparate, now socially interconnected people.

Take what the Crowdfunding website has to say.

'Crowdfunding is very much related to online communities and social networks. The crowd can already exist as a community but they can also suddenly form from disparate groups around the world who all happen to share an interest in funding a person, project, event, campaign, etc.

Crowdfunded networks can assemble and disassemble at any time. This is the primary difference to traditional co-ops. Influence of the crowd is another factor. 

The fundamental principles of crowdfunding are embodied by the Kapipalist Manifesto, written by the Kapipal founder Alberto Falossi.

Kevin Lawton and Dan Marom published the 1st book about the CrowdFunding Phenomena: The CrowdFunding Revolution | Social Networking meets Venture Funding.’ 

Click 'Kickstarter' and see what they say and have done. 

Here's a snippit:

‘At this very second, thousands of people are checking out projects on Kickstarter. They're rallying around their friends' ideas, backing projects from people they've long admired, and discovering things that make them laugh and smile.  Every project is independently crafted, put to all-or-nothing funding, and supported by friends, fans, and the public in return for rewards.

The filmmakers, musicians, artists, and designers you see on Kickstarter have complete control and responsibility over their own projects. They spend weeks building their own project pages, shooting their own videos, and brainstorming 
what to offer as rewards.

Rewards are things like a copy of what's being made, a limited edition, or a custom experience related to the project. This isn't Best Buy, rewards aren't shrink-wrapped and ready to ship. Once the project is funded, the journey to bring them to life begins.

Every project creator sets their project's funding goal and deadline. If the project succeeds in reaching its funding goal all backers' credit cards are charged when time expires. If the project falls short no one is charged.
Since our launch in April 2009, more than 24,000 creative projects have been successfully funded by awesome people from around the world.
But Kickstarter is about much more than money...
Since launching in April 2009:
§  $250 million pledged to projects
§  2 million people have backed a project
§  24,000 projects successfully funded

People come to Kickstarter to build community around their projects. It's inspiring to be supported by people you know, and amazing to connect with strangers who are discovering your ideas for the first time.
The feedback, press, and love that can come with a Kickstarter project are just as valuable as the money raised. Ask anyone who's done it before. There's nothing like it. <3

Crowdfunding Platforms:

  1. 1.        Kickstarter
  2. 2.        IndieGoGo
  3. 3.        GoFundMe 
  4. 4.        RocketHub
  5. 5.        GiveForward
  6. 6.        AppBackr
  7. 7.        Crowdfunder
  8. 8.        Fundable
  9. 9.        Peerbackers 

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