Monday, 5 April 2010

MakerBot have lanched a washing machine size worktop factory for $999.

A tiny 3D industrial park you can pick up and carry.

There are shipping them at a rate of knots now, and every purchase gives rise to new ways of using the factory, in turn new innovative tools are added.

As I've said for almost 20 years now, mass-micro-manufacturing in your kitchen, den, shed, garage, loft; even under the stairs, is now on its way.

Millions of these (and many other low cost 3D factories) will be at home, in the school, hospital, workshop, etc, etc, etc.

Click here to view site.

Also see Desktopfactory. Another low cost Designamaina - Crazonomic - Factory.

Click here to see how the world is futhre moving towards 'personal manufacturing.'

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