Saturday, 27 March 2010

External Thought Leaders can inspire Breakthrough Innovation

It is quite funny when one considers this:

There's much muse at the mo' with regard's failed business (or at least disapointing results when it comes to innovation). But some bright help is at hand: Using thought leaders as inspration and insight for the new!

InnovationPoint's managing partners Soren Kaplan and Derrick Palmer, give up some pithy insighter.

They say:

'....efforts often deliver disappointingly short-term ideas and fail to identify longer-term growth platforms. An organization’s inwardly-focused and historically-biased view of the world limits its capacity for “strategic imagination”. Bringing in fresh, future-oriented perspectives from outside the organization is an essential catalyst for innovative, “stretch thinking”. External “Thought Leaders” from a variety of domains can be brought into the innovation process to help a team develop “Industry Foresight” – and to identify non-obvious opportunities. This brief paper describes how a non-traditional “Thought Leader Panel” approach inspires new levels of strategic thinking....'

Well, for many people I meet in the day-to-day business world, this is a stange, even funny concept - alian even.

Because if you ask them what they think here, and then ask them who they think is their industrys (and beyond) thought leaders are, 8 out of 10 give a quite distant look.

So, for even the converted anyway, please click here for full insight paper.

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