Friday, 5 February 2010

A guidebook for strategic decision-making for executives in technology and technology dependent industries.

Rochlin Hunter or Hunted

Rochlin; Hunter or Hunter.

My book Hyperinnovation is an analysis of the dynamics of how ideas come-together to breed new markets.

But the ‘Hunter and the Hunted,’ is remarkable text, and I would say a deeper insight into multidimensional innovation.

The one things that stand out is the part on ‘Timing.’

It’s a heavy weight book, confirmed by the best of breed business managers I know.

Listen to Bob Frick;

“By drawing on a variety of research into the patterns that characterize the successful introduction of new technology, Rochlin has put together a useful resource for anyone engaged in developing strategy vis a vis innovation and change. Written in a style that is engaging for the average executive, but with insight for even the most advanced of technologists.”
Robert Frick, Former Vice Chairman of the Board and CFO of Bank of America


'For business executives, it is seldom clear whether a new and potentially disruptive technology represents an opportunity, a threat, or is simply a non-starter. Complexity and uncertainty often characterizes the competitive landscape and strategic choices surrounding technology and innovation. Finally, an exciting new book from Thomson South-Western’s Texere imprint presents a comprehensive outline of methods for stripping away much of this ambiguity.

Comprehensive and cohesive, “Hunter or Hunted?” delivers a powerful resource packed with practical s to help readers fully comprehend strategic choice and behavior relating to technology. An excellent book that both managers and engineers (and not just in high-tech industries) should read.'

Thomson / South-Western Publishing
ISBN: 0324261284.

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