Sunday, 29 November 2009

Retinal implant helps blind man see again.

A really great breakthrough in the fight against blindness!

This story sounds like it is taken out of a science fiction novel but news reports around the world say that Mr. Peter Lane, 51, from Stretford, has his lost sight partially restored using a new device under development by California-based Second Sight Medical Products.

The story is that Lane is one of several blind people who are testing the new device known as Argus II Retinal Stimulation System and he is the one who recently found fame in the media having his lost sight partially restored to the extend that he can now read some small words and navigate the outside world with increased ease.

According to Second Sight, the device consists of a small camera and an electrode-studded array implanted on the patient's retina.

See how it works @ Second Sight Medical Products Inc.

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