Wednesday, 23 September 2009

World Friendly and Free!!!!!!

It’s the Ecology Stupid and I’ve been harping on about this for bloody years.

Reducing CO2 emissions - even if we had a magic wand and stopped it immediately - will not stop climate change and global warning.

CO2 does create a green house effect and does accelerate global warming. But even if emissions were drastically reduced, the climate will still march on upward by 2 degrees C over the next 30 to 40 years.


Because the ecology is dying due to the size of the human population. 7.3 billion of us chewing up the environment, turning green lands into deserts, pastures into barren waste lands – by the mega-square-meter per day.

So, reduce population growth dramatically, and reduce consumption not only by technological efficiency and innovation (as my blog), but by behaviour change. By changing our culture of progress lead by want want want.

By the (linear) projection trends by 2020 consumption will have doubled, and raw material demand and urbanisation will grow by a third. Again pushing the ecology to near deaths door.

A moon-shot-like project to make us reduce CO2 emissions wont work.

What we need is to bring about the equivalent of a 60s’ 'like' cold war competition between the superpowers to battle intellectually and innovativelly with each other on ecological efficiency and growth. Not a green movement. But an world wide bio-ecological boom.

Think about!!! Not World War III. But World Friendly and Free!!!!!!!!!

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