Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Regeneration of Earth's Climate Regulatory System!

Regulation via the planet's ecosystem - as in a biological kind-of-thermostat - is the answer to climate changes and global warming. And it is life, in the main, that does that.

A way to restart this so-called 'biostat' would be to grow and bring back the once dense biodiversity to the world's oceans, which have now become relatively impoverished and becoming evermore barren. The vast centres of the great oceans have now become a deep violet blue instead of the viscus rich greens, yellows and turquoise of life. Sterile Tantra is everywhere!

If we did bring back the biostat to its former magnitude CO2 would be gobbled up at an enormous rate. Gigatons of carbon would be digested, synthesised and caught in living ecology's in real-time.

But how do we do that?

I suggest you read a letter to Nature magazine by James Lovelock. Click on his name here: James Lovelock(sorry but the letter is pay per view, but it is mind blindingly grandiose in its thesis).

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Unknown said...

Hi Chris,
Very interesting. Unfortuantely the monetary system provides too much incentive to pollute the earth. Sustainable energy generation exists and can power the earth now...provided there is global buy in. We should be using the scientific method to solve social and environmental concerns. The most compelling new social design that I have ever come across is the Venus Project ( I think you may be interested :)Thanks for the cool blogging.