Monday, 21 September 2009

New Book: The Genie in the Machine.

Can you believe that we've reached the era of Artificial Innovation.

"We've entered the Artificial Invention Age, where programs can automatically synthesize new product designs given only a description of what's required. What's the invention here? Is it the new design? The program? The requirements? And which of these should be patentable? The Genie in the Machine lays out the choices for patent and invention policy with compelling clarity. It's an essential roadmap for anyone concerned with the future of innovation."

Hal Abelson
Professor of Computer Science and Engineering,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

We've come a long long way. Now machines are beginning to create artifacts. The book is clear, the designers of the now need to move on to this technology just as they did with CAD in the 1980s.

Well, what's next? I'll keep you posted.

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