Wednesday, 12 December 2007

How to write a factual book, get it published, and make it sell in 30++'' steps.

1. Write not only what you know about, not only what you are passionate about, but what will make a difference to people for the best. Get that big idea.

2. Does the idea in the form of a book have a market?

3. Who are you customers and what do they want?

4. Where are they?

5. Segment them into categories, there'll be many kinds, with many different needs and problems to solve.

7. Who are the highest value, and who are the early adopters?

8. Go talk to them and learn and anticipate their needs.

9. Do your technical homework, do the '3Rs' (Research, Research, Research), but find and learn from the best (even a Don Professor will give you time if you're serious).

10. Find out which magazines, radio programmes, newspapers, websites, etc, that address your subject.

11. Write short pieces about your idea and send them to the decision makers of these communication media. Gather ideas.

12. Start a blog dedicated to your thesis. Write, learn and add as you go. Not only will you build a rich stock of ideas and writing, you would have begun to build you're audiance.

13. Draft the synopsis.

14. Draft the table of contents.

15. Draft 2 example chapters.

16. Readers need facts, but prefer to have them embedded in a narrative.

17. Tell them lively anecdotes and embed them in your life story.

18. Make’em laugh, cry, angry and amazed.

19. Find out [ALL] the publishers that focus on your kind of idea.

20. Find out the book publisher’s contract decision maker’s name and title.

21. Send out a covering letter, a copy of your Résumé, the draft synopsis, table of contents, and 2 sample chapters to [ALL] the targeted publishers simultaneously (over 100 is not uncommon).

22. Be patient, it can take months to get a reply, and expect loads of rejections.

23. Start planning your marketing campaign.

24. When a publisher(s) is/are interested, show professional enthusiasm, you will meet over dinner (don't order beer or wine... It's a Scotch and soda please!)

25. If you get an offer, and only once you signed the contract, get in touch with your media network (as above).

26. Start writing to the publishers specification (layout, standards, etc), and whatever you do meet the agreed deadlines.

27. Start emailing people and organisations that are affected by your forthcoming book.

28. Ask for testimonials for the cover of your book.

29. When your sample books arrive, keep one, but send the rest to the most influential people in your field.

30++''. And this is just the beginning.


Anonymous said...

Cheers Chris, these are just the sort of answers to the question i needed answering and more. Now all i need to do is get on with it and get it started, instead of thinking about it.


Anonymous said...

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