Thursday, 18 October 2007

Promising Breakthrough Set to Revolutionise Crash Helmets and X-Sports Wear.

d3o (dee-three-oh) is a specially engineered material made with intelligent molecules.

The molecules flow with you as you move, but on shock the molecules lock together to absorb the impact energy.

Head protection has conventionally been provided by helmets with hard outer shells where the inner structure is energy absorbent and often sacrificed.

Although the protective qualities of tradiational helmets are undeniable, their cumbersome nature has prevented widespread adoption in many sporting activities.

d3o technology allows helmets to deliver better performance and fit, and for the creation of a completely new type of flexible headwear.

The 3do material is impression moulded into custom sheets, between 4mm & 10mm thick, then assembled (slid) between the headwear's inner and outer fabric.

The relatively thin d3o material is hardly noticable in situ, resulting in stylish, street credible merchandise....

....Skaters, Snowboarders and BMXers, et al, will love it!

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