Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Pleo: Interactive, Emotions Learning Robotpet.

Tipped to be a big Christmas winner, Pleo is a ‘Robpet’ that mimicks a one-week old infant Dinosaur from the Jurassic period.

Design engineers @ UGOBE Inc have studied the extinct Camarasaurus, which lived in giant fern forests.

Pleo incorporates all the basic traits of autonomous life, specifically engineered to mimic a living animal and relate to the owner on a personal level.

Pleo is equipped with senses for sight, sound, and touch; learns as he explores his environment; exhibits genuine reactions to sensory stimuli; and eventually exhibits a unique personality.

He can feel joy and sorrow, anger and annoyance, and when Pleo is tired, he will become drowsy, goes to sleep, and even dreams.

Two or more Pleos will recognize one another. Be careful though. They can transmit colds to each other. Achoo! Pleo even sneezes!

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