Friday, 19 October 2007

Or is it Meist?

Here are some words I heard via the BBC this week:




Not withstanding the above post, at the other end of the spectrum the English language seems to going to pot (Pottable?).

On the BBC’s Six O’Clock News: ‘Eat Healthily.’ Which not so long ago used to be ‘Healthy eating.’

On the BBC‘s Politics Show: ‘He is a Moslemist.’ Which used to be ‘He’s a Moslem.’

On the BBC‘s Snooker Grand Prix: ‘The ball is Pottable.’ Which used to be ‘the ball might just go in the pot.’

New words that describe new issues are necessary and important (as above post). In fact, it's an occupational delight for me. I enjoy coining new words, playing with sentences, and jiving vernacular.

But come on. ’Healthily.’ ‘Moslemist.’ ‘Pottable.' You’ve godda be joking me, an'it.

Have you ever heard of a 'Christianist,' or 'Hinduist,' or 'Jewishist?' It's an insult.

The English language is blessed with aesthetically pleasing grammar and flowing prose. To bastardise any language in this inane way, is nothing less than sacrilege.

So please, I beg, please try to resist the influx of ‘***ables,’ and ‘***ists.’

Or is it ‘Meist.’

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